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Puzzle Fun for Everyone

Buy quality jigsaw puzzles online at jigsawpuzzlelady.com!

CEACO - Jan van Haasteren, Steve Skelton, Thomas Kinkade, Nene Thomas

COBBLE HILL - Scenery- Douglas Laird, Rosemary Millette, Lee Stroncek
RAVENSBURGER- Cartoon WASGIJ, Larger Format, Softclick Technology
SUNSOUT - Shaped Puzzles, Larger Format - Alexander Chen, James Christensen
WHITE MOUNTAIN - Collage/Collection, Educational, - Terry Redlin

Combined shipments available
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Jigsaw Puzzles Offer Benefits for All Ages:

  • provides a fun pastime and imparts a sense of accomplishment
  • substitutes an enjoyable activity for television or video games
  • relaxes and clears the mind after a busy or stressful day
  • exercises the Left-brain (logical, sequential)
  • exercises the Right-brain (creative, intuitive, emotional)
  • improves concentration, focus, visualization and clarity
  • develops hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness
  • promotes patience and task completion
  • provides family or group bonding
  • stimulates conversation and creates fond memories